Leadership Search Services

WITS ACUMEN specializes in Exec Search

Leadership Search Services

WITS ACUMEN specializes in Exec Search, a terminology that denotes Leadership Hiring. Expertise in finding Leaders comes from the vast experience, the WITS ACUMEN team has gained by being part of RAMSOL, a 13+ years Recruitment firm spearheading talent find majorly for GICs’(Global Inhouse Centre) in India across industry domains.

WITS ACUMEN is now a spun-off unit from RAMSOL and an independent Leadership Search firm with a vision to make high quality Leadership Hiring simpler to Mico,Small,Medium Enterprises (MSME) & Startups. Simpler, the term would mean, WITS ACUMEN partaking risk associated with cost of hire by linking part of commercials for a Leadership select to an agreed productivity assessment period. Partaking would de-risk the cost impact in spite of the Leadership selection process remaining the same with no compromise.

WITS ACUMEN Leadership selection process goes through a strict validation routine which each of our Research Associate undertake with care. The validation routine would cover extreme ends of assessing a Leadership probable on the simplest-of guideline to harder part of their ability to deliver results as projected during the hiring phase discussions. The nuances are many and WITS ACUMEN is near perfect to it.

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