Becos, Your Senior Hire Risk limited and shared.

WITS ACUMEN - A glance

WITS ACUMEN Executive Search aim is to provide faster Executive Hire Solutions to Clients regardless of the industry or size of the operations. With the growing need for able Leaders in Corporates’, MSME & Startups’ a strategic approach to hire the best of Leadership talents becomes mandatory. Hence, WITS ACUMEN is strategically positioned to serve clients for their Leadership hiring needs as we bring together a powerful head hunt track-record combined with expertise in identifying the most suitable fitment in all aspects.

The DES Hiring - De-Risk Leadership Hire brings to an organization a limited risk in hiring a chosen talent as WITS ACUMEN shares the risk impact that would eventually arise out of the hire. WITS ACUMEN Executive Search delegates search assignments to experienced Research Associates, who ably takes in Client & Leadership probables into confidence by understanding their business requirements and addressing their concerns in entirety.

Why Choose Us..?


  • Scrutinized and Assessed Leadership Probable Submissions
  • Detailed Evaluation Sheet offering first-hand information to process of selection


  • Adroit and Experienced Leadership Find Team
  • Preferred Vendor for Existing Long Standing Clients.


  • Turn Over Time (TAT) not exceeding 3 working days for first submission
  • Anytime Connect with WITS ACUMEN Research Associate

4.De Risk Partner

  • Partner in Risk associated with cost impact
  • Flexi Commercial Terms